Winterthur's Oskar Reinhart Collection gets a publicity stunt at the stations

August 25, 2020 6 min

Etienne Dumont

Since March, a film has been touring throughout Switzerland reviving one of the most beautiful museums in Switzerland: Van Gogh, Cézanne, Lautrec, Ingres, Cranach ...

Oskar Reinhart re-hanging his collection, 1955.On the wall, Lautrec's clowness.On the floor, a problematic painting that oscillates from Rubens to Jordaens.

The image has been looping through stations since April.Slow movements of the camera, intended to be elegant, take the viewer into the wadded universe of the Reinhart Collection at Römerholz in Winterthur.outside, with the villa designed in the 1910s by the Geneva architect Maurice Turrettini for Jakob Heinrich Ziegler-Sulzer.A crossfade then leads the public into the rooms housing the set of paintings assembled by Oskar Reinhart, who had the house enlarged by the same Turrettini in 1925.An immense, very high room, lit from windows placed in tight rows under the roof.The eye only has to pass in a few seconds from a Cézanne to a Renoir or a Lautrec.Died in 80 years in 1965, the man had favored the Impressionists and their immediate successors as a man of his time, yet Oskar Reinhart thought he had created a timeless museum.

"Dancer in the dressing room" by Degas.Photo Sammlung Reinhart, Winterthur 2020.

The confinement finished and the film still running, the desire comes to verify on the spot these idyllic images, supplemented by furtive views of a garden today qualified as “historic”.Nothing could be simpler! All you have to do is walk to the hill overlooking the once industrial city.Legacy with its contents to the Swiss Confederation, the house is open every day except Monday.With current restrictions, of course! An employee explains to you that you cannot come in like that, while the virus is lurking.He will open the door for you when the previous customer has taken his ticket.You will then have to follow the arrows, and if necessary wait.Some rooms, however large , accept only one person at a time.I saw the moment when it would be zero, while we were there (1).Fortunately the public remains sparse.Rather old besides.that despite the 1997-1998 restoration, which allowed for a slight expansion, this is a temple of old-fashioned art.Video gadgets here would seem as out of place as a stripper in a conclave for papal election.We are not here to laugh!

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